Again this year ! Steadysun will be exhibiting at this important exhibition. Come to visit us, we will be happy to welcome you on our booth B3.275.

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Weatherzone and Steadysun announce technical and commercial partnership for Australia / New Zealand

WEATHERZONE and STEADYSUN have signed a commercial and technological cooperation agreement to offer comprehensive and state-of-the-art solar production forecasting solutions for energy networks and market operators as well as energy traders in Australia and New Zealand.

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Stati Uniti, Cile, Sudafrica, India, Australia… Steadysun presenterà le sue esperienze.

Stati Uniti, Cile, Sudafrica, India, Australia… Il 8 marzo 2017 in Eurexpo Lione, nel corso della terza conferenza nazionale "Integrazione delle energie rinnovabili e stoccaggio dell'elettricità", il punto centrale de BePOSITIVE, Steadysun presenterà le sue esperienze nel campo della previsione in materia di produzione solare.

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Month Forecast

2017-03 / Steadymet / Grid Integration

How to preserve 100 % of the remuneration planned in a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)? This power plant of about 40 MWc is situated in India. The operator has to supply every day forecasts of the production to the grid. In the case of a deviation between the forecast and the measured production, the MW/h…

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2016-12 / SteadyMet / Trading

Trading : Risk decreases with rising spatial spread of portfolio – case study in Italy We understand intuitively that it is preferable to have a portfolio of solar plants spread over a wide territory. Indeed thanks to the large-scale statistical effect of production and deviation forecasting, balancing risk and costs are minimized. Here are the outputs…

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2016-11 / SteadySat / Self-consumption

Residential self-consumption The software solutions allowing to maximize the self-consumption require to have access to forecasts of solar production. We have here the example of an individual house with a 3 kWc rooftop installation. It is located on the slope of a mountain so that the sun is masked in winter very early in the…

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Our Solutions

Our Technologies

> SteadyMet

6 ore > 240 ore

La previsione di produzione per i giorni a venire viene realizzata a partire da modelli meteorologici e dai dati di produzione disponibili...

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> SteadySat

30 minuti > 6 ore

Associata alle previsioni meteorologiche, l'elaborazione di immagini satellitari consente di affinare l'evoluzione della copertura nuvolosa e il profilo di produzione per le ore successive...

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> SteadyEye


A partire dalla strumentazione complementare in loco, che scatta immagini del cielo, viene proposta una previsione di produzione per i minuti a venire...

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