Steadysun’s MoNuTeR project awarded from the innovation contest

Steadysun, with its MoNuTeR project, was one of the companies listed on December 11, 2018 as part of the innovation contest for the theme Renewable energy, storage and energy systems promoted by the French Environment & Energy Management Agency (ADEME).

The MoNuTeR project aims at developing regional meteorological models for solar irradiance and production forecasting.

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Steadysun will attend EnerGaia exhibition

We will attend EnerGaia exhibition on December, 11 2018 in Montpellier.

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Join us !

Steadysun is growing! We are hiring a Linux IT operation technician and a software developer/DevOps.

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Case Studies

2018-01 / Integration of a large-scale photovoltaic power plant into a Central American network

Integration of a large-scale photovoltaic power plant into a Central American network As in all regions well exposed to the sun like Central America, photovoltaic energy is expanding. As it is the case here for this 60 MW plant, large-scale projects can be implemented for the network. On January 22, sunny weather was forecast by…

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2017-09 / Trading / 2017-09 / A portfolio of photovoltaic solar plants in Italy

A portfolio of photovoltaic solar plants in Italy If we consider the same prevision quality, the size and compositions of a portfolio have an impact on the variances between planned and actual power generation. The case of September 7th related to a portfolio of about 20 plants illustrates this point.  This is a rather chaotic…

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2017-03 / Steadymet / Grid Integration

How to preserve 100 % of the remuneration planned in a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)? This power plant of about 40 MWc is situated in India. The operator has to supply every day forecasts of the production to the grid. In the case of a deviation between the forecast and the measured production, the MW/h…

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Our Solutions

Our Technologies

> SteadyMet

6 ore > 240 ore

La previsione di produzione per i giorni a venire viene realizzata a partire da modelli meteorologici e dai dati di produzione disponibili...

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> SteadySat

30 minuti > 6 ore

Associata alle previsioni meteorologiche, l'elaborazione di immagini satellitari consente di affinare l'evoluzione della copertura nuvolosa e il profilo di produzione per le ore successive...

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> SteadyEye


A partire dalla strumentazione complementare in loco, che scatta immagini del cielo, viene proposta una previsione di produzione per i minuti a venire...

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